I have no money to pay for an abortion

“I Have No Money To Pay for an Abortion.

Are There Any Free Clinics in Austin?”

i have no money to pay for an abortion1

I have no money to pay for an abortion…

Are YOU in this situation too?

Wanting to get an abortion in Austin but can’t afford it?

You just found out you’re pregnant

You’re barely scraping by

to pay the bills and rent…

and now THIS!…

And you’re further along than you thought…

so you’re running out of time!


What if I told you there is HELP!

I mean…




Would you take it?

Let me walk you through it:


1) Avoid abortion places that charge for ultrasounds!

This alone can save you a 100 bucks!

Go instead to a FREE abortion-options counseling place!

You will get a free ultrasound AND free counseling!

Ultrasound is required by law before the abortion.


2) Take a step back and look at ALL your options!

Abortion CAN land you in a hospital!

and that’s EXPENSIVE!

I’m not saying this to scare you.

I’m just saying abortion clinics are NOT safe.

Whole Woman’s Health for example

was just cited by the Texas Department of State Health Services

for having RUSTY suction machine, rusty sterilization machine

and holes in the floor exposing patients to rats!

talk about a risk of infection!



3) Please, consider adoption! It is an easy process!

It will not cost you any money!

Talk to someone!

Killing your own child to solve a problem is not the way out!

You know killing your baby is wrong.

Why would you want to spill innocent blood?

Sacrificing your child in on an abortion table

just so you can save a few bucks

is beneath you as a woman…

as a human being.

Please, trust GOD.

trust Jesus!

He died on the cross for your sins

and was raised from the dead to SAVE YOU

to set you free!

Killing another person is NOT a responsible way to plan a future.



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